Things You Should Never Do When Using a Hot Tub or Spa

May 15, 2018 Hot Tub News

If you’ve been dying to utilize your hot tub and spa as the weather gets warmer, you’re in luck. The warmer temperatures are on their way, so get your summer swimsuit ready. A home hot tub and spa can be used for many different purposes include relaxation, entertainment, and even therapeuti...

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Should You Use a Hot Tub if You’re Pregnant?

April 12, 2018 Hot Tub News

Many people love hot tubs for relaxing after a long day at work or as a space to hang out with friends and family. But if you're pregnant, are you still able to enjoy your hot tub? If you own a hot tub or are an avid user of one, you're probably aware that your body temperature will rise the lo...

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Hot Tub and Spa Safety Tips

March 9, 2018 Hot Tub News

  Home hot tubs are a luxury item that can help a person relax, entertain, or recover from an injury. In fact, 83.9% of hot tub owners bought their tub with the primary purpose of relaxing and relieving stress. People will often buy hot tubs for their backyard or their patio area so they...

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