3 Tips and Tricks for Safely Working with Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals

July 3, 2018 Hot Tub News

To keep your home hot tub and spa's water sanitary, you need to treat it with chemicals every so often. But in order to use the chemicals, you have to know how to handle them safely. Here are some important tips for safe hot tub chemical handling. Add Chemicals to Water, Not Water to Chemicals...

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How to Care For Your Hot Tub Swimwear

June 5, 2018 Hot Tub News

As a hot tub owner, you’re likely aware of what needs to be done to take care of it. But how do you take care of what you’re wearing in the water? Buying a swimsuit may be hard enough, but when you find the perfect one you’re going to want to keep it in excellent condition. Here’s how y...

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Things You Should Never Do When Using a Hot Tub or Spa

May 15, 2018 Hot Tub News

If you’ve been dying to utilize your hot tub and spa as the weather gets warmer, you’re in luck. The warmer temperatures are on their way, so get your summer swimsuit ready. A home hot tub and spa can be used for many different purposes include relaxation, entertainment, and even therapeuti...

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