When you purchase a hydrotherapy custom-manufactured hot tub from Signature Spas USA, you are purchasing a home hot tub or home spa that, unlike many hot tubs and spas now being sold on the internet that are imported from other countries, is manufactured in the United States, ensuring the highest hot tub quality and the best spa value.

Energy Efficient Construction & Design

Signature Spas USA are manufactured with economical, energy-efficient methodologies. All of our hot tub and spa models include high-density foam insulation on the shell of the hot tub, as well as the closed cabinetry system which ensures the best level of insulation available. We offer, for colder climates, an economical thermal wrap upgrade that is rated for up to 30 degrees below 0! Additionally, most of our 220V models have at least one 2-speed pump that enables the tub to be put into a low-energy mode when it is not being used, which represents significant savings over hot tubs with single-speed pumps and circulating pumps.

Signature Spas USA is the ONLY manufacturer with our exclusive water manifold system which creates heat utilizing friction which is created naturally when the water passes through the spa components. Our patent pending Friction Manifold creates up to 3 degrees every hour or 1 degree every 20 minutes when the spa is in use or the spa pumps are operating on High Speed.

Spa Lighting

Spa lighting and color are integral parts of your spa environment. They can change the mood from romantic to party scene, and make your spa easy to enjoy after dark. The adjustable LED lighting system glows from the footwell up to the multi-hued lighted spa waterfall. The LED spa lighting system features the synchronized colored spa lights of the waterfall, and bright in-spa lighting.

Jet Options for Signature Spas

From deeply relaxing to powerfully invigorating, the Signature Spa’s jets offer a full range of massage types. Swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating, Signature Spa’s jets work effectively for virtually every therapeutic technique. Experience Signature Spa’s jet-driven water today to feel the difference.

Many jets are adjustable, giving you an amazing number of options. The jets on many Signature Spas USA models adjust from oscillating to targeted; rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise, or stationary. You can control the flow, volume, and movement of other jets as well. In addition, controlling the amount of air mixed with the water with the air control valves changes the dynamics of the massage. Conveniently placed massage selectors let you divert water from one seat to another to increase or minimize the water flow. Ask your dealer to show you how our strategically placed and uniquely designed jets make the Signature Spas USA experience the ultimate in relaxation and therapy.

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Signature Spas are proudly manufactured in the United States with industry-standard spas, ensuring you get the highest quality and greatest peace of mind when you purchase from us.

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